The Header Improvement

Posted in Informational Formalities on August 21, 2009 by 5thandrevolution

Forgoing the previous approach to the page’s appearance (a moody-looking street lit with flowing orange streetlight), we are giving you Loyal Readers a special treat: our new header features a small portion of the Original Emblem of the DOL, drawn up for us by an old, old ally – a non-member who shall be, for security purposes, referred to as ‘Alecia’ – who we hope is having a wonderful time in the Caribbean. 

We’ve also decided to start capitalizing “Loyal Readers” – congratulations, all.  Your loyalty to us has thus far not been betrayed – we have experienced no further oppression for our bloggish posts.  We have you all to thank.  You’ve stuck with us this far – what else can you do?



Posted in Informational Formalities on August 21, 2009 by 5thandrevolution

There will be a meeting held in the Hall of Empty Melodies this Friday, the twentieth of August.  Loyal readers, you may expect a plethora of information regarding changes to the DOL’s Living Doctorine – this includes our Canon, current arms regulation, and the Ministry of Propoganda.

If you intend to be joining us, the coordinates are 46, 45 on your Anarcart, within the state that was admitted thirty-secondly into the Union.  The meeting may take place anywhere between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., so think hard about how not to make yourself obvious to those who may be watching; it will be a long time undercover.  We have no desire for knowledge of this meeting to get out.  (We believe posting coordinates, dates, and times to be safe here in the Blogosphere – the enemy is woefully out of touch with this method of communication.)

If you have been promised an Anarcart and have not yet received one, you may contact me through means of a comment on this post.  If, however, you do not have an Anarcart, and we have not sent word that you are owed one, you are not yet ready to attend such an important meeting.  Do not fear, there will be an overview of any changes posted on this blog soon.

Dogs, we meet where Sirius crosses the Board and Dice.

The Moderator

Action and Inaction

Posted in 7th Sphere on August 17, 2009 by 5thandrevolution

This has been an undeniably turbulent time for this blog space, DOL HQ, here at 7th & Revolution.  We must admit that we have been de-railed in several of our blogospheric ambitions, including our goal of posting one RULE a day, as well as other side projects.

However, our ambition is not so easily quelled – the squall that is our intent shall not be hampered by the annoying pangs and aches of circumstance as are the things in life that are not as grand or essential.  We will adapt, for we are adept.

Now, we here at HQ understand that you must all be quite concerned and curious as to our latest activities.  Do not ask the question – the answer shall usurp it presently.  We always reward curiosity for our sake. 

Circumstance has performed its finest work yet in its unyielding attempt at causing disarray amongst us equals.  However, circumstance has yet to realize that it is on our side as well as against us – we don’t wage war over such trifles; we overcome and use them. 

Several of our members are moving to new locations.  While this has encumbered our productivity, it has also presented exciting new opportunities for the younger members of our righteous dis-Order.  Several new chapters of the Dogs of Liberty shall be springing up in several colleges around the nation.  We are all truly giddy with excitement at the prospect of the opportunity to spread our knowledge and passion with still more of our peers – you may rest assured that these ambassadors of anarchy will represent us well. 

You may also expect the next RULE to be up for you soon; it should provide a warm sense of familiarity and comfort for you loyal readers, you.  We apologize once more for our hiatus, but you may be certain of this: our seeming inaction was truly action, we now have even more information for you all – we have returned.

The Return of the Dogs

Posted in 7th Sphere on July 14, 2009 by 5thandrevolution

The Dogs of Liberty have found themselves mixing several sinister pots.  Please forgive our certainly obvious absense.

We were in the middle of presenting to the public our general principles before we were delayed; these were being presented daily.  Hopefully, that routine will be reinstated come tomorrow.  This may, however, be impossible.

I’m sure we’re being very mysterious, and we’re certainly very sorry for the enigmatic nature of this post.  You will be informed in due time of that which has been disturbing our consistency – count on it.

The Moderator

The Second Standard of the DOL Canon

Posted in 7th Sphere on June 5, 2009 by 5thandrevolution

Thank you, loyal readers, for waiting so patiently for the Dogs of Liberty’s Standards of the DOL Canon rules.  Once again, these rules are deseigned not to eliminate the freedoms and creativity of our members and readers,  but to keep afloat this organized disorgnization.  Yesterday we covered one of the most important rules of the Canon, the You Do Not Talk About the DOL rule (1st RULE).  Today, I, the Moderator, will spell out and examine the 2nd Rule of the Canon.  We, the DOL, will go one rule a day.

2nd RULE: You do not ask questions.

In the DOL, questions are not desirable.  The way we see it, questions put the question-answerer in a delicate and difficult position.  The one answering must account for the expectations of the questioner, as well as account for what he, himself, is to say to the questioner.  Questions also insinuate a certain level of distrust, which DOL members should never have with or for one another.  Questions are proof of one’s not knowing something. 

The sleek, underground feel of the DOL provides a complex – but ultimately effective – means of tossing statements back and forth to acquire the answers to insinuated – but never asked – questions.  In this way, members are constantly made to appear as equals, even when the information distributed amongst the members is unevenly spread, thereby eliminating the possibility of an all-informed and condescending tyrant. 

We each decide our own level of involvement, so besides the minimalistic necessities, we are self-sustained and questionless.  If a mission reaches the ears of one of the other members, he will most likely simply decide to take part.  This is ideal.  No questions – complete the task at hand to the glory and for the benefit of whatever the current revolutionary plan may be.  Akin to pure capitalism, the demand will account for the supply –  the answers will usurp the questions.

The Standards of the DOL Canon

Posted in 7th Sphere on June 4, 2009 by 5thandrevolution

In a previous post I alluded to the “Rules” of the DOL.  Since we are a group that encourages the dismantling of an autocratic ruling of so-called council-members (minority tyranny), we must make plain to our loyal readers the necessity of these rules.

Minimalistic, but sound, rules are necessary within a group of individuals whose purpose is not quite identical.  Instead of pretending as though the legs of the proverbial catapiller that is the DOL are all moving in the same direction, we accept the fact that this caterpiller is bound to be torn into peices.  To keep would-be beautiful destruction from destroying the group from the inside out, as well as causing resentment among us equals, a guideline has been instilled into the functioning fiber of the DOL – The Standards of the DOL Canon. 

I, the Moderator, will explain these rules to the best of my ability.  We, the DOL, will go one rule a day.

First and foremost:

1st RULE: You do not talk about the DOL. 

This rule has basically been temporarily suspended.  Typically, our almost illegal activities (certainly frowned upon) require a very high anonymity standard.  The DOL members protect the group – this is the 2nd highest priority (the first to be revealed in a later post).  However, since we are currently recruiting support from the great people of the blogosphere, we are less concerned about security.  Lets just say we aren’t very afraid of having bombs mailed to us or having the FBI show up at our doorstep.  Yet.

Although this rule is temporarily suspended, please respect it.  It is the cornerstone of the physical DOL’s functionability.

And So It Begins

Posted in 7th Sphere on June 3, 2009 by 5thandrevolution

Welcome to the official Headquarters of the Dogs of Liberty, a group of petty idealists who have historically worked out of their high school and respective colleges to sabotage their school’s student council activities.

We are finally getting a bit more organized and are proud to be located at this wordpress blogging outpost!  If you support our cause or enjoy our work, please feel free t0 comment or post!  Questions are generally discouraged (look for the Rules of DOL post that will be coming up); however, if you have a burning question, don’t try too hard to suppress it. 

We are associated with a hot new VampireFreaks cult aimed at altering the culture in that place (The_Revolutionists), as well as a headquarters for our musical and independent cinematic productions  (Nick Leen is a Dead Man).  

Thanks for your support!

The Moderator, Brady